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WhatsApp is now a BuzzWord and SMS is crying !!

I was sitting in my Balcony. I heard Mother saying to his Son – “Whatsapp the Scanned document to your sister and also whatsapp when she will be back in the evening.” I turned my Back and realized it is not only Yuppies who are after Whatsapp but now uncle and aunties are not far away from this Buzzing Word.

The whole world seems to be suddenly changing from SMS to WhatsApp like messaging Apps and in this whole process our very own SMS is crying and making Telcos cry as their SMS revenues are getting hit badly by Messaging Apps.

But on the good side, Mobile internet is catching up which makes these messaging apps run and that’s the good news for Telcos.

So, Mobile APP Economy is taking its Shape in times to come. WHatssss …Up…Next ?