Mobile plays the Anchor role, boosting the Internet Penetration to 198mn

As expected, Mobile devices are boosting the Internet penetration in India. As per recent data released from TRAI, total internet subscribers are now 198 mn. Out of this, users accessing internet from Mobile devices are 176 mn which means whopping 89% of share.

It is all going Mobile way. More to come !!!

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Entertainment takes the lead on the Mobile Screens for Indian Users!

A Survey done by Yahoo-Mindshare shows that Smartphone users surf Entertainment content the most on their mobile Screens (both Mobile & Tablets). This study gives some useful insights that where Mobile users spend most of their time and what keeps them engaged on the their Screens!

It also gives insight on the Mobile Media Spend by Brands & Agencies and compares Global, APAC and Indian Markets. For India, Mobile Media spend is 10% of Digital as compared to 13% globally.

Following is the link for more information (Source-Indian Express & Digital Market):

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WhatsApp is now a BuzzWord and SMS is crying !!

I was sitting in my Balcony. I heard Mother saying to his Son – “Whatsapp the Scanned document to your sister and also whatsapp when she will be back in the evening.” I turned my Back and realized it is not only Yuppies who are after Whatsapp but now uncle and aunties are not far away from this Buzzing Word.

The whole world seems to be suddenly changing from SMS to WhatsApp like messaging Apps and in this whole process our very own SMS is crying and making Telcos cry as their SMS revenues are getting hit badly by Messaging Apps.

But on the good side, Mobile internet is catching up which makes these messaging apps run and that’s the good news for Telcos.

So, Mobile APP Economy is taking its Shape in times to come. WHatssss …Up…Next ?


Time for Digital Money : Welcome to BitCoins

Everything going Digital. Then, Why not Money? Here you go, time for Digital Money and the most hot stuff happening here is “BitCoins”. So, What is it ?

-Bit Coin is simply Digital Money traded over the Internet

-According to the Bitcoin website, Bitcoin is free from the highs and lows of inflation, interest rates and market fluctuations, and its value is determined by the number of bitcoins in circulation. The total number of Bitcoins is capped at 21 million.

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90% of mobile internet users in India are men. Isn’t interesting!

As per new study done by Mobile Marketing Association -90% of mobile internet users in India are men.

Isn’t this interesting and useful fact for advertisers & marketers!

following is the link for the complete news (Source- Telecom Tiger)